Introduction to Mount Cutting

Introduction to Mount Cutting

This course is designed to take the framer into the more detailed area of Mount Cutting & Decoration to offer clients, that little bit extra and something different.

5-Day Course

Course Time: 9:00am – 5.00pm

Materials Required; Ruling Pen, Corner Gauge, Inks, Watercolour Paints

Course Content

  1. Mountcutter set up and maintenance. Refresher on mount size calculation, basic mountcutting, single mounts, double mounts
  2. Refresher on basic line drawing
  3. Use of fillets and slips and deep bevel fillets and foam core covered fillets
  4. V Grooves and Inlay mounts
  5. Multi-Aperture Mounts and Multi Sided Mounts
  6. Oval Mount cutting, using Fletcher 1100 Oval Mountcutter, Oval Inlays and V Grooves
  7. Shadow mounts, Sink mounts, Combination mounts, Straight and Curved Lines
  8. Use of Self Adhesive details on mounts / fabric covered mounts
  9. Decorative Corners Mounts
  10. Cutting extra thick / museum mountboard, i.e.. 2000 Microns and above
  11. Wash lines and panels, 5 Band, using line and wash, paints, pens and powders, calculation of line width, position and techniques for decorative effects on mount surface, e.g. stenciling
  12. Hand finished mount decoration, using Everest Paints (This offers your client the chance of a ‘One Off’ hand finished design, along side the ‘One Off’ hand finished frames (Separate Course)
  13. Review of Fine Art Trade Guild Mountboard Standards and 5 Levels of Framing
  14. Questions, Answers, Problem Solving, and extra time to cover any element, or extra element the student wishes 

Required Reading

  • The Art of Mountcutting, published by Fine Art Trade Guild
  • Conservation Framing, published by Fine Art Trade Guild
  • GCF Study Guide, published by Fine Art Trade Guild 

Recommended Reading

  • Conservation Framing, by Vivian C Kistler, CPF, GCF
  • Mat Decoration, by Brian Wolfe CPF, GCF
  • Cutting, Carving, Decorating Mats, by Brian Wolfe CPF, GCF 
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