GCF Advanced Textile Framing

GCF Advanced Textile Framing

This course is designed to take the framer into the more detailed area of Textile Framing to offer clients, that little bit extra and something different, and to acquaint the framer with requirements for the GCF Advanced exam . Candidates must have passed the GCF Examination , and be a Member of Fine Art Trade Guild to take this Examination

5 Days (Depends on Candidates Individual Requirements)

Course Times: 9:00am – 5.00pm

Materials Required: Small cross-stitch / Small tapestry / 3D object and GCF Advanced Textile Study Guide

Course Content

  1. Safe handling and storage of customer’ fabric artwork, wearing of white gloves where necessary, ability to distinguish between base cloths, i.e.. linen, canvas, silks, ability to identify risk factors, i.e.. fragility, deterioration, loose and missing threads, etc.
  2. How to protect artwork from light and damp, etc.
  3. Squaring, stretching and padding of artwork to the desired level
  4. Methods of attaching artwork to substrate boards, i.e.. lacing, stitching
  5. Mounting & Framing of artwork to Conservation level
  6. Close framing of artwork
  7. Use of second frame / slips / fillets to keep object off the glass
  8. Mounting & Framing of 3D needlework or object (such as baby’s bonnet, baseball cap or football shirt) to Conservation level
  9. The use of donor fabrics, especially for very small items
  10. Review of the GCF Advanced Textile Study Guide, its terminology, etc. and advice on other required reading
  11. Review of The Fine Art Trade Guild’s 5 Levels of Framing. (Framing Standards)
  12. Review of The Fine Art Trade Guild’s Mountboard Standards
This course will also advise on the 3 Pre-Prepared framed objects for the GCF Advanced Examination. 
  • 3 items required: Cross-stitch, Tapestry, a 3D item, such as Baby’s Bonnet) 
  • All work completed to Conservation Standards 

Required Reading

  • Framing Fabric Art, published by Fine Art Trade Guild
  • Conservation Framing, published by Fine Art Trade Guild
  • Textile Framing GCF Advanced Study Guide, published by Fine Art Trade Guild 

Recommended Reading

  • Conservation Framing, by Vivian C Kistler, CPF, GCF
  • Needlework Framing, by Vivian Kistler, CPF, GCF 
For Book Sales: Contact Moira at the Fine Art Trade Guild office (020) 7381 6616 or moira@fineart.co.uk 
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