GCF Advanced Conservation Framing

GCF Advanced Conservation Framing

This course is designed to take the framer into the more detailed area of Mount Cutting & Decoration to offer clients, that little bit extra and something different, and to acquaint the framer with requirements for the GCF Advanced exam . Candidates must have passed the GCF Examination & be a Member of Fine Art Trade Guild to take this Examination

5-Days or 10-Days (Depends on individual requirements)

Course Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Materials Required: Glossary of Terms and Advanced Conservation Definitions (Study Guide) , Ruling Pen, Sable brush for washlining and panels, any other piece of equipment they wish to use or are required by prior arrangement, a piece of memorabilia and, 2 prints that they wish to use.

Course Content

  1. Specification of Mountboards
  2. Fine Art Trade Guild’s Standards
  3. Framing Standards
  4. Mountboard Standards
  5. Print Standards
  6. Tapes & Adhesives Standards / Self-adhesive, pressure sensitive, water soluble, Japanese Papers, Wheat Starch paste, EVA adhesive
  7. Classification of Glass
  8. Identification of All Types of Artwork
  9. Identification of Old and Modern Photographs
  10. Classification of Artists’s Paints / Permanency of Artists Colours / Colour Palette / Mixing Colours for Wash-Lining
  11. Museum Wash Lining
  12. Memorabilia Framing
  13. Conservation & Museum Hinging
  14. Float Mounting
  15. Frame Extensions, Sealing the framing package / close framing / extending frame rebates
  16. Varnishing of Acrylic and Oil Paintings
  17. Museum Mounting / Conservation Mounting / Mounting without adhesives
  18. Oils / Acrylics on Canvas / Identification of...
  19. Varnishes / Varnishing / Stretcher Bars / Cross-Bars / Wedging Systems / Fixing into frames
  20. Vellum & Parchment / Papyrus / Textiles / Objects
  21. Conservators / Restorers, their role, when to pass a job over to their expertise
  22. Re-framing Work; do we keep the original frame
  23. Condition Reports, examination of a piece of artwork, noting all defects, and summary of remedial work required
  24. Review of exam pieces, advice on all 4 pieces required for the exam 

Required Reading

  • GCF Advanced Conservation Study Guide
  • Conservation Framing by Vivien Kistler
  • Framing Photography by Allan Lamb
  • How To Identify Prints by Bamber Gascoigne 
 For Book Sales Contact Moira at the Fine Art Trade Guild office (020) 7381 6616 or moira@fineart.co.uk 
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