About Us

About Us

Since we started trading, we have rapidly become one of the best known framers in the area, with an ever enhancing reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail. We have also studied hard not only to improve our knowledge, but also to ensure that the best possible care and attention is taken when handling customers artwork, etc.

All work that leaves our workshop has been completed by either one of our 2 fully qualified GCF’s or our GCF Advanced picture framer . We frame to the highest standards, using only the best available materials, moulding's, glass, adhesives, tapes and framing techniques. Like all businesses we are only as good as the last job going out the door, so we ensure that all work is completed to the highest quality.

We adhere very closely to the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ‘Framing Standards’, this ensures that all the work we complete has been done correctly, and we have used the correct procedures, methods and materials. No work is handed over to a customer without having been ‘quality control’ checked by GCF framers, again this ensures that each and every customer’s piece of work gets the same attention to detail.

As GCF & Advanced GCF Framers, we have taken the time and effort to help ourselves gain valuable knowledge and progress in the picture framing industry. We are then able to pass on to all our customers the knowledge we have learned so that their work can be framed in the correct manner without any fear of irreparable damage to the work. We believe that first and foremost our main job is to protect and preserve the artwork, then after we have explained how we do that, we can then talk about framing.

Meet the team

Steven McKee. GCF (APF) ADV

Sharon-Lee McKee. GCF (APF)

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