10-Day Basic to Advanced Course

10-Day Basic to Advanced Skill Course

This course is designed to give the student a good working and practical knowledge of the picture framing business. More in depth time is spent on the basics, then moving into more advanced techniques, such as fabric framing, box framing, advanced mountcutting and mount design, hand finished frames, etc. 

Course Times: Daily 9:00am – 5.00pm

The Workshop / Work Area

  1. Machinery familiarisation, Health & Safety, Machinery Demonstrations
  2. Review of Fine Art Trade Guild Mountboard & Framing Standards
  3. Making / Joining Frames
  4. Calculation of moulding sizes
  5. Setting up of Morso mitre cutter, Use of the 3 scales on Morso / Guillotine
  6. Setting up of Underpinner, Talk about position of wedges
  7. Joining the frame, glue to be used on all mitres
  8. Cutting Glass / MDF / Measuring and cutting glass / MDF / other backing boards 

Mount Cutting

  1. Mountboard Standards, Whitecore/Conservation/Solid Core/Cotton Core
  2. Basic Mountcutting; cutting single & double mount
  3. Choosing mount colours, colour co-ordination and design
  4. Assessing the perfect mount cut, Setting up / calibration of mount cutter
  5. Cutting the mount, Single mounts / Double mounts
  6. Conservation Mounting / Hinging / Framing 
  7. Extensive Mount cutting, Uneven borders / calculation of, setting out
  8. Conservation Mounting / Hinging / Undermounts 
  9. Principals of Conservation mounting / threats to artwork, etc. 
  10. Setting up and calculation of ‘V’ grooves
  11. Setting up and calculation of Multi-Aperture mounts
  12. Wash-lines – setting up, calculation, and drawing of 2 sets of lines
  13. Mounting techniques using fillets, Foam core / wooden fillets
  14. Hand finished fillets
  15. Attaching, Squaring, and mounting of decorated fabric art
  16. Stretching / Fabric Art Squaring & Stretching Assembly of wooden stretcher bars
  17. Canvas stretching / using stretching pliers, staples or tacks
  18. Calculation of canvas size for frame
  19. Attaching corner wedges & wire to hold wedges in place 
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